The design is important, of course, but how front-end build by us is important too. I usually manager much divergent requestes when I build a front end. When you think a site, for example, it's have to be fast, responsible to mobiles and tablets, compatible on all browser (in special with ie, the web designers' nightmare), seo compliant and with a very beautiful, complex, challenger graphic. I exaggerate to describe the brief, just a little bit to be honest, but that is the correct approach to our work. Understud the technical scenario and client requirements, and join it us. There are three issuers more: correct ballance between price and develop time, and take in mind that the front end is has used so template from programmers to develop dynamic systems usually.

Code and FB developer

When I talk about to programming I think a specific quality. The quality to aggregate a complex programming language, information and input/output data. What's it means? Immagine a beautiful ecommerce site with fantastic animations and great graphics, but you can't surf into the catalog, can't use the search tool or can't buy a product. The result it is a incomplete site. That is a very easy example, but the my quality is to find and build a correct platform to support the site, or app. Found the correct technical solution to aggregate all project's requirements with a unique aim: to get it right.

Web ADV Production

The Web ADV it's the present, not the future, of the advertising. I have worked and are working with web ADV Agency and I provide their a technical support, about production and accounting to Media Agency. I receive the master file and media planner with technical specific, I make the production and, in case, upload the creativity on adv server. I work with different adv platform like Google DoubleClick and Eyeblaster (Mediamind). I able to make a complex banner with interactions or videos.



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Oct 0
Oct 0

Retina background retina/no-retina with sass mixin

As usual during my internet surfing I have found a very good tutorial to provide background image retina/no-retina by sass mixin function. You can find the original article here Here I reported it:   Like me you are a front-end ninja and you follow the DRY principes. Here is a pretty cool mixin to generate […]

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May 2
May 2

Deploy your code Everywhere

When you start working with repository at certain point you need to deploy your code. For freelance and small company that working with “normal” provider with share space where you have only ftp access that is a big problem. There are many online services. I tested a lot and my favorite is DeployHq, but it […]

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