When you start working with repository at certain point you need to deploy your code.

For freelance and small company that working with “normal” provider with share space where you have only ftp access that is a big problem.

There are many online services. I tested a lot and my favorite is DeployHq, but it is free only for 1 repo and with limit number of deploy per day. So it is a very good but is it not I’m looking for.

Finally I find a good solutions Git Deploy Php.

It is a very userful scritp in php and that is the author declarations:

git-deploy-php allows quick and easy deployments of Git repositories to FTP or SFTP servers. You DO NOT need to have git installed on the server. Great for shared servers where you have no shell access, and to save bandwidth and time by only uploading the files that have changed.

… and yes, that it’s what it doing!

Simple and efficient.

You need some knowledge that how use terminal and I tested only on Mac, but I guess it’s works fine on Win as well.

Basically the script use your computer to deploy the code, in particular your git log.

That means you need to commit and push it your code into the branch to able to deploy it and it will deploy your current local branch. So remember that when you run the script.

Here you can find the code and instruction.

Enjoy đŸ™‚